Organic Search vs Local Search, the differences and what do you need to do for your business?

February 21, 2017

Did you know every time you perform a Google Search you are almost certainly using an organic search or local search query? 


The results that get shown to you will be dictated by your keywords. 


What is the difference between the two sets of results and how does that affect my business? 


Organic search results - These can be found below the local search results now on desktop, so for instance if the keyword was photography studio it would look like this.


Google is smart enough to know that the person most likely is looking for someone close to them.






Paid ad



Local Search results


( Don't forget though on desktop your IP could originate 30 miles away)

and results could be skewed.




Organic Search



Now if you did the same search and searched for near me the results would look like this

















Organic :-(






Local Search


Local :-)


Local :-)










Then if you do a search with a specific place included then the results would look different again and would look like this.





This time no ads as Google know you want a service in the specified area so is putting the top 3 local listings in front of you 1st.







Then organic search.


Now these results in the images above have been captured from a desktop, on a mobile it is scarily accurate as the GPS is a much more accurate source of location than some IP addresses.


Well what does this mean for you?


Well for a start customers habits are changing and it needs a multi prong approach to ensure that if you rely on people visiting your business all three bases are covered. Everyone tells you you need a a great name, a website,  a Facebook Page etc etc and for most situations they are correct after all you cannot rely on just word of mouth these days can you?


Google My Business is a great way of attracting new business, more phone calls, more driving directions and more clicks to your website if you have one. 


If you are going to set Google My Business up yourself then make sure the basics are correct and that the business name, address and phone number are consistent across all online platforms to improve your brand and avoid confusion. 


Make sure your business is listed in the local online directories. e.g. yelp


Encourage your customers to leave you a review on Google. 


Make sure your Facebook page and social media matches your Google My Business page so that reviews from social media will form part of your Google My Business page. 


Make sure you have the relevant categories selected.


Make sure you have the right options selected in relation to either being a place someone can visit or that you deliver services to a client within a specific radius. 


Make sure you use top quality images that have been resized specifically for your Google My Business page to give your business that wow factor and leave a great 1st impression. When the customer turns up at your business they should feel like they already know how your business looks and who they are likely to meet. 



So what are the key differences between the two types of search.











Organic search results are based around your business website based on relevant content, links, social media and is a massive advantage to the "brands" over small businesses and I would definitely advice you to speak to an expert to get your website ranking as high as possible.


Local search results are again based on relevant and trusted content and social media has an impact but is based on your businesses location and Google My Business is critical without a Google My Business listing your business is invisible. 


Without it you are competing with known brands on organic searches.


Most people today when we search for information about products or services want to know about the hours of the business, a map, a link to driving directions, photographs and/or a 360 degree image. You can have all of this built within your Google My Business listing. 


If you want to attract local custom and also let people outside of your immediate location know that your business exists, then a great  Google My Business listing is essential to tell you customers where you are, what you do or sell, when you are open and link to social media and other ratings and reviews platforms like trip advisor, trust a trader etc. 



As a Google Trusted photographer I am able to offer a range of services from creating,verifying  and optimising your Google My Business page  to make sure you get found online and dealing with any queries with Google to looking at your overall online visual presence and capturing great images along with 360 tours.



Please don't hesitate to contact me on 07814693917 or drop me an email at or fill in my online enquiry form at which covers your overall online presence on Google My Business and your visual presence on social media. 


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