How to reclaim your Google My Business ownership in under 14 days.

March 27, 2017



Up until now it has been quite difficult for a

business owner to

reclaim the management of a Google My Business listing if it had previously been created or verified by a third party.


This can happen in a number of situations, where a the ownership has broken down or been transferred between business partners, an agency was appointed to setup the GMB listing or it was created a long time ago and then forgotten about and email addresses have changed.


So, If in the past you have tried to resolve any of these issues and given up. Google now has a solution for you to reclaim your business and starting using this fantastic platform to help you grow your business.


1) Go to


2) Sign in to Google with the email you use to manage your business. 


3) Type in the name or address of your business, select the correct one from the results shown.


You will see a box showing a part of the email address that originally verified the listing.





If this is an email address that belongs to you then you should be able to sign into that account and access your Google My Business listing. 


If this isn't an email address that you recognise then click on the request ownership button which will then take you to this screen. 


The current listing owner will receive an email asking them to get in touch with you( Providing you tick the box allowing your information to be included), and you will receive a confirmation email. You can check your status of the request by clicking the link in your confirmation email.


If you don't hear back after full 7 days you will be able to verify your affiliation with your business to gain access to the listing via the standard verification process of requesting a postcode sent to your business which you will usually receive in around 4 days. 


I hope this has been useful to you and as always if you have any queries about your Google My Business listing then contact me on 07814693917.

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